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Small Potatoes Alive (2007)



(Set 1 -- Intro) --- Texas Gales


(Historic Plates) --- Time Flies
(Band of 10-year Olds) --- Grandad Played
(Toilet Seat Art Museum) --- Crazy Mary
(Get it Right) --- Knott
(Set II -- Intro) --- Avocado [FM Version]
(We Like Bill) --- Roseville Fair
(Young Love) --- Boy Around the Corner
(Chicago School of Road Building) --- They're Not Normal Like Us
(Traditional Irish Tune) --- Jamie-O
(Set III -- Intro) --- The Marksman/Big Ol' Prairie Moon

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(Robert Hall) --- The Best Things in Life Are Free
(A Little Opera) --- Misalliance
Give Yourself to Love
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(Concrete Park) --- I Will Pass This Way Again


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