small potatoes

Jaime-o Jacquie Manning ©2000 Tatertunes Music, BMI


How will you know --
How will you know --
How will you know your Jaime, oh?
You’ve been pining for your Jaime 15 years or more
And we fear he’s long settled on some distant shore
Would you e’en ken his face if it came to your door?
Oh, how will you know your Jaime-o?
Ah, just look for the laddie who laughs without care
With his flashin’ green eyes and his curling black hair
His arms safe and strong --- his kisses so rare
The fairest of fair is my Jaime-o
But you dear have changed so and surely must he
Dark hair gone to grey, your eyes eerie wi’ greetin’
Would he e’er know you his promise to keep?
If ever you meet with your Jaime-o
Now don’t you go tellin’ me true love is blind
In my heart my dear Jaime has always been mine
In my dreams he has married me 10,000 times
Dear god, let me find my Jaime-o





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