small potatoes

The Marksman Ken Graydon 1991

Some redneck with a rifle’s put a bullet through the cow
The state highway commission has put up for all to see
Just to warn unwary motorists that cows don’t pay attention
When go to cross the highway to a place they’d rather be
That cow was not a trophy ‘cause it hadn’t any antlers
And it wasn’t any challenge ‘cause it couldn’t even move
And being painted on aluminum the poor thing couldn’t bleed
And so we’re left without a hint of what this feller tried to prove
So now he’s gone and left us with a perforated sign board
That was meant to keep a driver from colliding with a cow
And in a way that sign’s condition sends an even stronger warning
Cause that yahoo and his rifle are at large somewhere right now
Big Ol’ Prairie Moon Jacquie Manning, ©1995 Tatertunes Music, BMI
Big ol’ prairie moon hanging high up in the sky
Make the the dogies moo and it makes the coyotes cry
A-oo, I love that prairie moon
A-oo, I love that prairie moon
In the bright neon lights of New York City
Pale little moon don’t hardy show
So it starts to rolling it’s way westward
Herding up the stars as it goes
Herding up the stars as it goes
By the time it gets to the western prairie
It’s gathered up more stars than you can count
And it’s shining light fills up the whole durn sky
It’s big and bright and bold and white and Oh so round
I love that prairie moon
Poor little dogie crying moo, moo, moo
I’m so far away from home
But he’s got himself a partner in that big ol’ prairie moon
Hold him in it’s loving arm beams till the morning comes that





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