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Queen of Tarts Long Live the Queen (1989/2010)

The Queen of Tarts (1987/2010)

I Think I've Lost Me Virtue
Nobody's Moggy Now
Westron Wynde/Blood and Gold/Morrison's Jig
Cherry's Wedding Night
Wild Mountain Thyme
Irish Washerwoman's Fantasia
Rockin the Cradle
Toe Toucher
Crazy Man Michael
Fairy Story
Bring on the Starlight
*As I Roved Out
bonus track from the (in)famous Bawdy Beggar Girls
Johnny B. Fair
Maids When You're Young
Come By the Hills
The Scotsman
Ay Walkin O
She Moved Through the Fair
A Soalin
Little Beggarman
The Dogs They Had a Party
Drink to Me Only
Three Ravens
Dear Boss
Dastardly Dennis Woo
Auld Lang Syne
*Chastity Belt
not so hidden track from
the Bawdy Beggar Girls:

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