small potatoes

They’re Not Normal Like Us Rich Prezioso, ©1999 Tatertunes Music, BMI


He was a cuff-linked, cut-throat, tough-talked boyish man
Hard nosed, Dow-Jonesed, C.E.O.ed – a snake in the grass
She was high-classed, high-toned, bleach blonde socialite
Liposucked, tummy tucked, stuck up – and she was his wife
He meets a model in L.A. – she rolls his Rolls into a lake
When she gets 30 million, lawyers take a holiday!
They were made for love – two halves, one whole
What heaven hath wrought upon us, let no one touch with a ten-foot pole
They’re not normal like us – they’re nothin’ like none of our friends
I know we may not be perfect – thank God we’re nothing like them!
He was a low-down, low-lifed, loud-mouthed mannish boy
Out on parole, testosteroned, over-imbibed, under-employed
She was a big haired, big boned, tattooed turtledove
They had a trashy-TV-talk-show kind of love
She’s out carousing when he calls – he writes her name on restroom walls
Then they tell Jerry that their parents really caused it all
They were made for love…
I was standing by my window when the two of them walked by
And I wished a big ol’ tree would fall and hasten their demise
But I stopped myself -- I rebuked myself -- for I could plainly see
The two of them would prob’ly live and sue the pants off me
He was a gray-haired, grown-up, forty-something child
Picked some tunes, played the blues, slept ‘til noon – his parents cried
She was a folked out, Girl Scout, mop–topped Renaissance Girl
They formed a band, bought a van and set out to see the world
They drive a million miles a day – sometimes they don’t even get paid
I guess they think we’re all still back in 1968!
They were made for love…





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