small potatoes

Grandad Played Lorne Elliot CBC1995 Prod Turtle Pond Theatre


Grandad played the six-string, he played both night and day
Anytime, rain or shine he’d pick it up and play
He’d play fast songs, slow songs, happy songs or sad
But whatever Grandad played it always sounded bad, it went...
He’d start tuning up in the morning, he’d tune all afternoon
And when he was satisfied it still was not in tune
He’s ask us what we’d want to hear, we’d say, “Nothing, please.”
He’d start something anyway so everyone would leave, it went...
Then one day that six-string got run over by a truck
Driven by Grandma...Grandad said, “Bad luck.”
He rushed right down to the music store --- asked them what they had
When Grandad brought the bagpipes home we had to shoot Grandad





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