small potatoes

Life is an Accident Jacquie Manning, ©1998 Tatertunes Music, BMI

Cruisin’ down a back road, a foggy, drizzly afternoon
Her mind it was in Kansas,
Her head a’boppin’ to some tunes
The stop sign rose out of the mist,
The truck so close she could have kissed it
Six more inches and she would have been dead
But she wasn’t — she missed it instead
Life is an accident, you know it’s just a twist of fate
One tiny little cosmic twitch,
And it all goes a different way
If there is a master plan, nobody’s telling it to you
So you just might as well do what you do
What you do what you do
You just might as well do what you do
What you do what you do
She’s getting out of L.A.,
She’s at the airport with her bags
He’s coming down the hallway,
She sort of zigs, he zigs, they zag
They start to laugh like they were friends,
He said “We’ll have to dance again”
She said “I can’t, I’m off to Kalamazoo”
He said “Funny — that’s where I’m off to, too”
Such a lovely party, it really put her in the mood
He was out of protection —
“Oh well, what harm can one time do?”
Later she’s sick, maybe the flu,
But that stick was turning blue
Oh God! They hoped at least the baby’s a boy
But it wasn’t — but she was their life’s great joy
Jacquie:vocals, guitar, shakers
Rich: vocals, guitar, mandolin, udu
Doug Lofstrom: acoustic bass





© 2020 Small Potatoes