small potatoes

Keep Me in Mind Michael Peter Smith, ©1995 Bird Ave. Music ASCAP

If you don’t get the lovin’ that you feel you deserve
If you aren’t gettin’ what you want,
I’ve got just four little words
Keep me in mind, because you know it’s true
For a long, long time now darlin’
I have kept my mind on you
If you wake up from a deep sleep
In the middle of the night
Suspecting that you’re missin’ somethin’ —
I suspect you may be right
Keep me in mind, I’m missin’ somethin’ too
Maybe what you miss is me now darlin’ —
I know what I miss is you
If you go to see the gypsy
With the diamonds in her hair
And she says, “I see somebody in my crystal ball
Falling in a love affair”
Keep me in mind, I’ll tell your future too
I see you in love with me now darlin’
The way that I’m in love with you
I can see us walkin’ down the streets of any place
Any time of any season, we are lovers face to face
Keep me in mind, in everything you do you will find
Body soul and mind now darlin’
I will give my love to you
Jacquie:vocals, guitar
Rich: vocals, guitar, dobro
Michael Smith: electric bass
Alpha Stewart: congas





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