small potatoes

Hope (Robin’s Song) Dave Morrison ©1994 Suburban Rustic

This old residence hotel was once so elegant and swell
She’s got an upstairs corner room
If you open up the shower window and you stand up on your toes
There’s a damn fine ocean view
On the floor from last week’s camping trip
Piles of sleeping bags and tents
It’s too soon to store them up, to store them all away
Like the moments she has spent
And she says,
My daughter’s nearly ten years old
I’ll have another one come spring
And I find myself alone again
That’s just a temporary thing
But when he smiled at me I remembered how to feel
And I might have been mistaken, but the life in me is real
So don’t sing me no more sad songs
About love that’s been lost to the past
I want to hear about commitment
And something that can last
I know a little about heartache
See I’ve been living on my own
And hope is what I need
Hope is what I need to bring my baby home
So I looked around for something hopeful
That I could send to you
Looked all day and half the night
And there in the storefronts and the sidewalks
I saw a skinny little vine climbing a traffic light
From the pines down to the projects,
Life pushes up through the cracks
And it’s always going forward — and it’s never going back
You’ve got to stare it in the face,
You can’t flinch and look away
You can’t deny what’s going down
But if you draw your loved ones around you
And you hang on tight
You can hold a little ground
When all is said and done, here at the ending of the day
I look out on this world — it still takes my breath away
Jacquie: vocals, guitar
Rich: vocals, guitar





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