small potatoes

The Dollar Episode Jacquie Manning, ©1999 Tatertunes Music, BMI

I found a dollar on the sidewalk — it startled me at first, I mean there it was, a dollar, just lyin’ in the dirt
I went to pick it up but then I thought, uh-oh, this is too easy, maybe I should let it go
It’s prob’ly glued down, some kids are back behind that fence just waitin’ for a sucker, for a laugh at my expense
Or maybe it’s Monopoly money, a dollar-off coupon, or one of those bogus religious tracts
Like they leave on the floor of the ladies john
I look left and I look right, I’m skeptical I’ve got to say, But then I go ahead, pick up the dollar anyway
And hey! It’s just a dollar — I smile a little smile, I hold it in both hands and I stand there for just a while
Feeling lucky, feeling proud, feel like my day is going right, like the sun’s a little sunny, my feets a little light
I smile at the next passersby, it got them smilin’ too, I thought gee all this for a dollar — who knew?
I start to put it in my pocket, but then I thought, uh-oh, it’ll just blend in with the others and then
How will I know which one it is?
Ok, I know that sounds a little strange, but such a special little dollar should Become more than just spare change
An ice-cream cone? A lotto ticket? What should I do?, I stop to think on it a minute — and then I knew...
I dropped the dollar on the sidewalk.
I was curious I must say, so I stepped back to watch, I kinda went behind the fence, discrete and casual-like of course
First person didn’t see it, had their sights on higher things, but then there came this lady
Matching purse and shoes and diamond rings
She saw it from a distance — she got it in her sights --- She stopped and stood by it a minute, looking left and looking right
Then in one teetering high-heeled swoop she scooped it up and held it tight
I was a little disappointed — too late I thought I might have given it a better ride
Instead of dropping it I think I should have passed it to some wino who could really use a drink
One dollar more or less couldn’t mean a thing to her, but as she walked away
hose heels clicked like a tap dancer upon the sidewalk — her hips picked up a little swing
Discrete and casual-like I followed her ‘cause I was wondering how would my dollar and this lady get along?
I sort of worried for its future like some prodigal son
She was humming softly now, a’clickin’ down the street ---- smiled at a passerby, he smiled at her and then at me
You see, I wasn’t walking very far behind ---- I saw her start to put it in her purse then seem to change her mind
Instead discrete and casual-like she dropped her hand down to her side
And with a little flipping motion she just let that dollar slide
It gave a little flutter — then there face up it lie ---- I gave it a wink and nod as I walked by
And when we reached the corner, she went left and I went right ---- the sun a little sunny, our feets a little light
Jacquie: vocals, lap percussion
Rich: vocals, udu, drill bits





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