small potatoes

Time Flies Rich Prezioso, ©1995 Tatertunes Music, BMI

Who’s that face in the mirror looking back at me
He’s looking slightly different than than the one I saw last week
The more I see, the more I know
When it feels like I’m just growing up I’m really growing old
Time flies and I can’t get off the ground
The hands on the clock go spinning round and round
And the days keep running against my will
And time keeps flying by but I’m standing still
Every time I turn around dust is piling up like snow on the windowsill
Every time I turn, got the checkbook out and I’m paying that same bill
Every time I turn around I’m putting out the trash on garbage day
Every time I turn there’s another line on my face I can’t erase
Every time I turn around that mess I just cleaned up is back again
Every time I turn the roof is leaking and the rain’s pouring in
Every time I turn around I woke up late, I’ve wasted half my day
Every time I turn there’s another year’s gone by i can’t replace
Time is a builder, time can make things fall apart
I’m running around with a hammer and a patch kit wondering where to start
The more I learn, the less I know
And the closer I get to the top of the hill the farther I have to go


John Rice: fiddle
Mike Kondratowicz: drums
Steve Yates: bass





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