small potatoes

My Last Goodnight Rich Prezioso, ©1995 Tatertunes Music, BMI


Way past midnight
I walk the floor till sunrise
I ask the moon if you’ve been by
I ask the trees to search the sky
You left last night
Stole away in silence
And nobody woke me
To say my last goodnight
Way past midnight
Through the window I watch them
I see the moon find a cloud and hide
I see the trees stand still and quiet
They can’t help me
They’re all part of the mystery
I’ll never know if you hear me
Say my last goodnight
But maybe the moon knows where you are
Maybe you sleep beside a star
Maybe he’s heard the words
Crying from inside this helpless heart
So sleep now gently
Let the moon sing a lullaby
Let the stars whisper softly
My last goodnight


Willy Schwarz: accordion





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