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I Brought My Father With Me Michael Peter Smith, ©1994 Bird Ave. Music ASCAP


I brought my father with me
I hope that you don’t mind
I couldn’t find it in me
To make him stay behind
Tonight the snow has fallen
The trees are white and old
Their heavy branches bending
Can we come in from the cold?
I brought my father with me
Though it’s been many years
Since we went down to Dolan’s
For a shot and a beer
When he’d take me with him
And he’d buy me a Coke
Oh,t surely made my day
Turn about’s fair play
Car trips to Pennsylvania
When all of us would sing
And he’d sing Bells of St. Mary’s
And he sounded just like Bing
Summer days down at the shore
Remembering how he would
Bless himself with foam
Before he’d dive into the sea
There are some ways I’m just like him
Some ways he was just like me
And sometime when the mirror’s dim
His face is clear to see
Tonight the winds of heaven
Blow the stars across the sky
I brought my father with me
I couldn’t say goodbye
Larry Gray: cello





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