small potatoes

Boy Around the Corner Madsen/Greene, ©1984 Best of Breed Music, ASCAP

Boy around the corner
Very shy
He never says hello
But he’s the guy I wanna be with
Boy is kind of funny
Doesn’t speak
His legs are skinny, not a good physique
And yet I love him
Boy around the corner
Better than the boy next door
The boy around the corner’s
Never been in love before
Tonight, right after dinner he’s coming by
I won’t be shy
I’m gonna tell him I love him so
Never let go
Boy is kind of crazy
Doesn’t care if all the girls are laughing at his hair
That’s why I love him
Boy around the corner
All day at school he looks my way
Every day
He walks me home
Never speaks when we’re alone
Boy around the corner
Talk to me





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