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The Days of Our Lives Prezioso / Manning


It’s cheating a bit to say we wrote this, though I suppose we did. In October 1992, we had a 30 minute set opening for the great Michael Smith at the Lake County Folk Club in Wauconda, IL. It was our first shot at doing a real live, cool show and we didn’t want to blow it. So we really worked at putting together a tight, elegantly balanced set. The afternoon of the show, we decided something was missing: we needed a 1-minute, funny ditty like the one we heard Richard Thompson do when we saw him in concert -- hmmm... So, though we had heard it only once, we set about trying to replicate that song in our own words. Here is what we came up with -- the very first, and so far only, Small Potato co-write.


As the World Turns -- at the Edge of Night
We Search For Tomorrow -- and a Guiding Light
All Of My Children -- The Young and the Restless
With One Life To Live -- One Day At a Time
Oh, these are The Days of Our Lives!





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